Star Quilt Patterns

by Jesse Luginbuhl // updated on: July 3, 2021

Star quits are easy and fun to create. However, for beginners they may look hard but once the pattern is understood it becomes simple to make a quilt in a limited time. You will learn to create the intersection with all non-right angles. There are several star quilt patterns so you can pick the one of your choices and it would be hard that you get bored of your quilt.

How to Make a Star Quilt

Star of Bethlehem Quilt Pattern

Star Quilt Pattern
Star of Bethlehem Quilt Pattern

The dark color fabric is effective and evokes the sky. The multicolor stars look brilliant in this ground fabric.

Lemoyne Star Quilt Block

Make a perfect use of fabric scraps and the mesmerizing print leaves endless impressions.

Free Lone Star Quilt Pattern

Use eye-catching prints and designs for an attractive quilt. Making this star pattern quilt is a great stress buster.

Lone Star Quilt Pattern DIY

If you are a beginner in quilting then this star quilt pattern is perfect for you. This will make Easter season special.

Ohio Star Quilt Pattern

The quilt is fantastic and you can make this pattern in no time.

Mexican Star Quilt Pattern

Modern or traditional, this star quilt pattern is easy and quick that can be prepared in a couple of days.

Texas Star Quilt Pattern

Give break to yourself from the hectic life and indulge in some creativity and bring out the best outcome.

Confetti Star Quilt Pattern

This beautiful pattern does not need the expertise to complete the project. You can easily do it in a couple of days.

Lemoyne Star Quilt Pattern

Pattern for North Star Quilt
Lemoyne Star Quilt Pattern

If you are passionate about quilting this star quilt pattern is a great way to quick start your day.

North Star Quilt Pattern

This project is quick and easy. The traditional quilt pattern is a perfect way to decorate your room.

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