Step by Step Procedure to Make a Chunky Knit Blanket


A simple garter stitch and a bulky yarn makes a perfect chunky blanket in no time. If you are a novice in knitting then it is a perfect project as it uses only one stitch. It gives distinct look to your room.This is a simple pattern as you need to knit  in a row. You can make a uniquq afghan in this way by adding some attractive colors and fringes. You can choose different shades of same colors. The uneven colors create visual interest. Choose the colors of your choice to begin this chunky blanker.


Approx. 56”X72” and fringes extra


  • 585 yards of seven jumbo weight yarn
  • Minimum 40” long US19 circular needles
  • Extra large crochet hook


8”= 10 stitches

8”= 19 rows

Gauge is not necessary but it affects the final results


The blanket gets heavy and large in no time when you start knitting. The circular needles cable should be secure because you need to lift and move instead of pulling it using the needles. It prevents breakage of needle.


Cut the fringe pieces before starting the knitting. In this way you need not to worry that you are running out of yarn and you do not have to keep track of row.

Cut 14” pieces-60 (All colors)

Keep fringe pieces aside

Cast-On and Begin Knitting

Cast on 61 stitches using the wrap cast on method

Knit stitch in each row and create the garter stitch pattern

Knit every stitch in each row with color A. It should take less than four yards per row depending on the gauge

Change to the other Color

Change to other color at the starting of the next row

Knit with this color so that you end the same side of previous color

Change to third color and repeat

Stop when you have sufficient yarn left. This helps to bind off the stitches

Stitches Bind off

After knitting last row with third color then bind off the stitches.

Blanket is almost done

Now you have to weave the ends and add the fringes

Weave in Ends

You can use big crochet to weave the ends as you do not have large needle to do this task. You can use fingers to pull it.

Add the Fringe

Add the fringes and bind off edges

Through the first stitch insert the crochet hook.

Fold the two pieces of fringe in half

Hook the fringe center

Skip a stitch and in the next stitch insert the hook. Repeat this process.