Step by Step process of Finger Knitting


Not every knitting process needs needles. You can knit beautiful patterns without needles too. However you need specific tools, but finger knitting involves your fingers only. Your fingers can knit four stitches wide chunky cords and then cords can be used to make different projects.

Kids can also do finger knitting projects with ease and it is fun to do. Adults can create different patterns in their free time. This process does not need any tool so you can make the project anywhere. You only need some yarn of your choice and you are good to go. The best results are obtained when you use bulky yarn. You can use two strands of worsted yarn to get the same look as bulky yarn.


1 Crochet hook or similar tool, pencil

String, wool, or ribbon; Super bulky or thick strand works best

Step by Step Procedure

1.  Hand position

  • Hold left palm facing upwards
  • Place the yarn between an index finger and the thumb

2.  Begin Weaving

Until the yarn is under pinkie finger you weave it over and under fingers to the right

3.  Loop Over

  • Loop over pinkie finger
  • Weave over and under to the left until back up between index finger and the thumb

4.  Continue Weaving

Weave under and over again towards the pinkie finger

5.  Make two loops on fingers

  • Loop over the pinkie finger and weave to the right and the left until the string is between the middle and ring finger.
  • Every finger should have two loops

6.  Continue the process

  • Start from the pinkie finger, lift the bottom loop over the upper loop
  • Take the bottom loop right off the finger and leave the top loop on the finger

7.  Loop Lifting

  • Repeat loops on other fingers.
  • Move to the left proceeding from pinkie, ring finger, middle finger, and index finger
  • Repeat all things again
  • Weave in and out of fingers until there are two loops on every finger

8.  Start lifting lower loops off

  • Until you have two loops on every finger and thread coming forward between the ring and middle fingers. Begin lifting the lower loops off, starts with pinkie finger working left
  • After some rounds, you can see the length growing

Continue until you get the desired length. Lift the knitting of your fingers to finish and pass the tail through the loops and make it tight