The Best Coverstitch Machines for Hemming

by Jesse Luginbuhl // updated on: February 23, 2023

Creating decorative cover stitches or hemming on stretchy fabrics like Lycra, rayon or spandex with a couple of needles can be challenging. Attempting to impart multiple rows of hem on woolen garments or making two-fold needle rims on denim tees and spandex leotards manually is physically demanding. On the other hand, imparting perfect coverstitches on spandex, sweatshirt, Lycra or any ultra stretchy knitted fabric is very time-consuming.

This is exactly where a coverstitch sewing machine comes in perfectly handy letting you complete your projects in time without sacrificing quality. When you coverstitch using a coverstitch machine the seams not only look professional but the multiple rows of hems stay flexible thereby preventing untreated edges from overlapping or unraveling. A coverstitch machine can do a lot more than just hem; you can use the machine for hemming curved fabric areas, rolled hemming, super flat hemming, affixing laces, and topstitching.    

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Janome Cover Pro 1000 CPX

The 4-thread Cover Pro 1000CPX Coverstitch Machine from Janome can produce triple-needle 6mm-, 3mm double-needle- and 6mm double-needle cover stitches.  The Janome Cover Pro 1000 CPX coverstitch hemming machine comes stacked with an array of functional features making the machine perfect for working with Lycra for making swimsuits and leotards. If you regularly stitch leotards together with paired leggings for dancers, acrobats, and gymnasts then don’t look further than 1000 CPX.

The broader arm area and the extra space around the needles imply that you can tackle big and complex projects. The manually controlled thread tension provides you supervise your sewing projects with precision and alacrity. Another feature of the Cover Pro 1000CPX that you could use to good effect is the ‘seam tightening mechanism’.

A proprietary feature, the ‘seam tightening system’ lessens the looper thread’s slackness guaranteeing a flat and taut chain stitch at the project’s periphery. Other useful features that you can take advantage of include ultra large bed space, foot pressure adjuster, one hand thread cutter, differential feed and greater variable stitch length.


  • Interior frame made from premium metal
  • Comes with two packs of Schmetz EL x 705 needles, needle threader
  • Maximum speed: 1000 stitches per minute
  • Built-in manual thread tension control
  • Foot pressure adjustment with guidelines


  • Best coverstitch machine for crafting leotards, leggings, and swimsuits 
  • Loaded with numerous useful features like convertible free arm, seam tightening system, tension release device, and so on
  • At-a-glance reference sticker at the front of the machine


  • Misses stitches on seams causing the stitching to slacken
  • Will need to buy a clear foot separately costing about $50

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Brother 2340CV

The Brother 2340CV Coverstitch Serger has been designed with painstaking care for enabling dressmakers to produce a variety of cover stitches on multiple layers of different fabric types. The sophisticated Brother 2340CV serger exploits state-of-the art technology, enabling you to fashion ornamental and constructive applications. The 2340CV Coverstitch Serger has the appropriate adjustment dials and color-coded threading to ensure that your projects feature high-quality embroidery.

Control the pace of fabric gliding through the 2340CV with the differential feed function, snap-on feet, and the presser foot dial. You’ll simply love to produce ornamental stitches, chain stitches, and sophisticated hems with the help of three needles and single looper thread. Some other state-of-the-art features that seamstresses and embroiderers can use to good effect include tri-cover stitch function, broad and tapered cover stitches.

The 2340CV coverstitch sewing machine from Brother comes equipped with a variety of decorative and utility stitches that let you finish rims oozing professionalism. Creating hard-wearing and resilient seams for leotards, swimsuits, and dance garments or achieving chain stitch finish for belt loops becomes easy with the 2340CV.


  • Simple and straightforward color-coded threading
  • Chain stitching capability
  • 3mm and 6mm cover stitch capacity
  • Differential fabric feed for superior stitch quality


  • Wide and narrow cover stitches and tri-cover stitches for creating decorative stitches, chain stitching for hems, and much more
  • Comes with a host of free accessories including tweezers, needle set, gathering foot and standard foot
  • Fast looper threading for saving time
  • 25-year warranty along with free lifelong technical support over phone


  • You’ve to hold down the buttons for releasing once you’re through with completing the hemming

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Singer 14T970C

If you’re looking for a premium coverstitch machine that’ll enable you to complete your sewing projects quickly without sacrificing quality then go for the Singer 14T970C. You bet you’ll accomplish top-quality results comparable to what the professionals achieve with the help of this versatile performance-driven machine. The 14T970C coverstitch sewing machine comes with the appropriate built-in stitch patterns enabling you to get perfect stitching lines that don’t unravel or crumple.

You can also choose from a wide range of stitch patterns and styles, thanks to the 2-3-4 thread capability. Irrespective of whether you’re hemming seams or giving finishing touches to underdone edges, the 4 distinct stitch categories guarantee flawless coverstitch. Threading yarns is a breeze owing to the color-coded threading guide that comprises of lucid diagrams.

The Singer 14T970C coverstitch hemming machine capable of completing 1,100 stitches per minute helps you to finish projects in time. You can adjust the stitch’s length in order to prevent clumping of fabric layers as well as maintain the seam’s tautness. On the other hand adjustable thread tension functionality allows you to hold on to the seams’ evenness and retain balance.

Differential feed adjustment feature guarantees uniform fabric feed for just the right seam on every coverstitch material or fabric.


  • Color-coded threading guide
  • 2-3-4 thread capacity
  • Adjustable tension for keeping stitches uniform and balanced


  • 1,100 stitches per minute
  • Adjustable tension for supervision of sewing projects
  • Differential feed for preventing puckering or fraying


  • Does not have a free arm

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JUKI MCS-1500 Cover Stitch and Chain Stitch Machine

JUKI has introduced the MCS-1500 sewing machine as a highly advanced coverstitch and chain stitch machine. This coverstitch machine by JUKI comes to your aid when you need to accomplish a range of sewing applications and with perfection, such as necklines, cuffs, sleeves cuffs, and plain hems. The MCS-1500 comes stacked with a host of features that enables you to complete your projects in time and without compromising on quality.


  • Ideal for sewing on stretchy fabrics like Lycra, spandex , and rayon
  • Easy-to-use looper threading for firmer grip
  • 2-year warranty on machine’s electronic components and 5-years warranty on head unit
  • Adjustable differential feed for stitching seams with attractive finish


  • Striking hems even on stretchy fabrics like georgette, Lycra, and spandex
  • External thread cutter for disengaging thread after completion of sewing
  • Ideal for sewing on side seams of trousers and on girth


  • Beginners will struggle to make the most of this machine
  • Not sufficient throat space

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Bernette B42 Funlock Coverstitch Machine

The B42 Funlock Coverstitch Machine by Bernina comes equipped with three distinct types of coverstitches having a width of 2.8-5.6mm. The Bernette Funlock 42 coverstitch machine also has a built-in chain stitch pattern helping you achieve attention-grabbing results


  • Color-coded threading guide
  • 2-3-4 threading capability
  • Ample workspace for big and complex coverstitch projects
  • Maximum SPM: 1,300 stitches per minute
  • 2-year electrical warranty
  • 5-year mechanical warranty


  • Package includes an array of accessories including but not limited to needle set ,5-spool net ,5-spool cap, and dust cover
  • LED lights for illuminating the work area
  • Extra wide coverstitches: Width of stitch ranges from 2.8-5.6mm


  • You’ll need to adjust the thread tension manually

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Buying Guide for the Best Coverstitch Machines

If you’re a professional dressmaker or an embroiderer specializing in producing leotards, swimsuits, sweatshirts, and other types of activewear then you’ll definitely need a coverstitch machine. Take a close look at the sleeves and hems of a knitted tee or leggings or any other type of activewear. The exquisiteness and elegance of the seam or the stitching on the garment clearly indicates that the seamstress has used a coverstitch machine for achieving that professional look.

A coverstitch machine is an advanced form of sewing machine extensively used for knitting fabrics in numerous ways, hemming on super stretchy garments, and producing paired or trio of hem rows. Regardless of whether you’re a novice dressmaker or an experienced professional, you can take advantage of a quality coverstitch machine for hemming on stretchy fabrics. You’ll have it easy dealing with complex embroidery projects that involve imparting coverstitch patterns on a variety of activewear or sportswear.

Super-stretchable knit fabrics such as spandex, Lycra or rayon will lose their appeal (and eventually their utility) if they don’t have coverstitches. If your sewing projects entail topstitching, rolled hemming, flat hemming or chain stitching trims and laces, then you’ll indispensably require a coverstitch machine (if you don’t have one). Before you start shopping for a suitable coverstitch machine, ensure you keep the following aspects in your mind:-

Sewing speed

The machine’s sewing speed (maximum stitches per minute) makes a lot of difference when it comes to maintain quality. If you normally handle simple projects working from the comfort of your home, then a machine with a SPM (stitches per minute) of 800-1100 might suffice. Alternatively if you’re a professional, a coverstitch machine having a SPM of 1300 will serve you well.

Threading mechanism

A machine with an intuitive color-coded threading system enhances effectiveness and also helps save time.

Coverstitch capacity/function

Opting for a coverstitch machine integrated with dual and triple coverstitch options, 3-thread wide and narrow, and 4-thread functions lets you complete even the most complex projects.

Stitch adjustment dials

A premium machine allows you to adjust the stitches’ length and width as well as helps maintain uniform distance between rows.

Presser foot pressure adjustment

A coverstitch machine for hemming that comes incorporated with a flexible presser foot facilitates the piercing of needles via thicker heavier fabrics without suffering breakage.

Free arm

If you regularly create shirt cuffs, collars, sleeves, and necklines   then you should buy a machine integrated with a free arm.

Your projects

The type of projects you deal with on a routine basis is perhaps going to be the most important consideration while selecting an appropriate coverstitch machine. Are you a beginner or a professional seamstress? Do you work mostly on lightweight or heavier fabrics?


Last but not the least it is your budget that’ll decide if you’ll be able to buy the unit you’ve chosen. Budget shoppers can take a look at Janome Cover Pro 1000CPX or the Brother 2340CV. And if you’re looking for an industrial-grade machine, then the JUKI MCS-1500 and the Singer 14T970C fit the bill.


You’ll come across different coverstitch sewing machines models of well-known and reputed brands like Janome, Brother, Singer, and Bernina. Though you’ll need to consider many criterions for selecting the right coverstitch machine, it is the type of project or projects that you generally perform that’ll be the ultimate deciding factor. Go for the Brother 2340CV if you’re a beginner and the JUKI MCS-1500 or the Singer 14T970C if you’re a seasoned sartor.

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