23 Unusual Granny Square Crochet Patterns With Video Tutorials 

by Hanne // updated on: September 5, 2023

Ah, the classic granny square. It’s a crochet staple that never goes out of style. It’s fun to make and they’re perfect for using scrap yarn. But what if you’re looking to get creative with a granny square design? Good news! We’ve put together an awesome collection of 23 unusual granny squares crochet patterns that will bring something truly unique to any project—there are original flower designs, unique color usage and so much more! If you thought granny squares were old-fashioned, this list will make you think again. You can use these unique granny squares to create pouches, bags, or even a complete granny blanket.

1. Spiral Granny Square

Spiral Granny Square
Spiral Granny Square

It’s square but at the same time, it’s a spiral! This unusual granny square design is made with 4 different colors but you can easily follow the instructions with 2 colors if you prefer.
The stitches are simple: it only uses double crochet, half double crochet, and single crochet stitches. What makes this granny square pattern stand out is the way the different colors are used to create a spiral.

Spiral Granny Square Pattern

2. Skull Granny Square

Skull Granny Square
Skull Granny Square

Now, this granny square pattern is truly unique! The center of this granny square is a skull. This would be the perfect granny square for Halloween or to make a gift for a gothic-inclined teenager. Imagine making a granny bag with this unique granny square pattern.

Not your basic granny square! Try this skull granny square pattern.

3. Heart Granny Square

heart granny square
heart granny square

If you’re looking for something sweet to create, have a look at this heart granny square pattern. In the video tutorial, you’ll discover how to create a tote bag with this unusual granny square but of course, you can use it for any project you fancy.

Beautiful heart granny square

4. 3D Flower Motif Granny Square

3D crochet flower granny square
3D crochet flower granny square

Flower motifs are part of the traditional granny square patterns but this 3D flower motif takes it to a whole new level! How cute would this be as a flower power blanket? Use any 3 colors of yarn to create a whole bunch of different flower grannies.

3D Flower Motif Granny Pattern

5. Flower Granny Square Pattern

Flower Granny Square
Flower Granny Square

Another beautiful flower granny square is this popcorn flower granny square pattern from Hooked By Robin. By using the popcorn stitches to create a granny square, the flower gets an interesting 3D effect. You can see this free crochet pattern is perfect for an eye-catching blanket.

6. Sunflower Sunburst Granny Square

The Sunflowers granny square
The Sunflowers granny square

This might look a bit more like a classic granny flower square pattern, but the use of colors makes it quite a unique design. Have a look at the scarf they created using this sunflower granny square.

7. 3D Petal Granny Square

Crochet 3D Petal Granny Square
Unusual Granny Squares

This free granny square pattern is magnificent especially when worked in rainbow-colored yarn! You can crochet this granny square using just basic stitches such as double crochet stitches and chain stitches. However, what gives this granny square its unique design is the fact that you’ll turn your granny square to work back and forth in the stitches to make the petals and of course, the bright rainbow colors also make it stand out.

Follow along with this free pattern and you won’t have any trouble making it.

8. Peacock Feather Granny Square Pattern

Peacock Granny Square
Peacock Granny Square

We love this original peacock feather granny square pattern! You’ll crochet the peacock feather starting with a circle and then using single crochet stitches, half double, and double crochet stitches to create the shape of the feather. Then you’ll use the other colors and a combination of those stitches to fill out the square.

Peacock Feather Granny Square free crochet pattern

9. Geometric Color Granny Square Pattern

Geometric Color Granny Square
Geometric Color Granny Square

This free granny square pattern uses a smart combination of colors to create a special design. This granny design will look amazing in a baby blanket or some cushions.

10. 2-color Moss Stitch Granny Square Pattern

2-color moss stitch Granny Square Pattern
2-color moss stitch Granny Square Pattern

This must be one of the most unusual granny square crochet patterns! This one hardly looks like a granny square anymore. This popular pattern is using the Moss stitch which means you’ll only need to know how to do single crochet stitches and chain stitches to make this beautiful granny square. Go ahead, give it a try!

11. The Solid Granny Square

Solid Granny Square
Solid Granny Square

You might think a solid granny square is not very special or unusual at all, but that’s because you’re not thinking about the opportunities this opens! When you play with different colors inside a solid granny square you can make some amazing crochet projects.

This is also the perfect granny pattern if you’re learning how to crochet.

Have a look at this solid granny square crochet cushion for example:

Solid Granny Square Cushion

As you can see, by using 2 colors inside the solid granny square, you can create amazing geometric shapes! This heart cushion is a project from Craftycc and you can find the written instructions for this free crochet pattern here.

12. Star Granny Square Pattern

Star Granny Square
Star Granny Square

One of the ways to create truly modern granny squares is by adding a unique element to the center of the square. In this case, a star. This is a fun pattern that would be perfect for baby blankets.

Star Granny Square Free Crochet Pattern

13. Modern Granny Square

Modern Granny Square
Modern Granny Square

This modern granny square is the perfect crochet project to test out different color combinations. It would be beautiful for a granny pouch or bag. Pick any 3 colors and have fun crocheting this unique design.

Modern Granny Square Design

Stained Glass Granny Square

For this stained glass granny square you’ll want to use either variegated yarn or different colors of yarn to make the first layer of the granny square and then you’ll add the gorgeous stained glass effect on top with black yarn.

Variegated Yarn Granny Square

Granny Square with variegated yarn

If you have some leftover variegated yarn, this is the perfect project. This beautiful granny square pattern pops because of the use of simple black and white with just one round of rainbow variegated yarn.

Diamond Granny Square Pattern

This granny square reveals its power once you crochet several squares and combine them together. The pattern will continue to develop which makes it the perfect granny crochet pattern for a granny square bag, blanket or, different projects.

Mosaic Granny Square Free Pattern

Mosaic granny square

There are a couple of things that make this mosaic granny square pattern so beautiful. First of all, the use of colors, by using a camaieu of colors you get a beautiful ombre effect. You can start with the lightest variation of the color in the center and work your way out with darker colors or the other way around. Secondly, the use of front post treble crochet stitch gives the effect of the different rounds bleeding into each other. Don’t worry if you don’t know yet what a front post treble stitch is!

The video tutorial is super clear and will help you in no time.

Wavy Granny Square Tutorial

Wavy Granny Square Pattern

This video tutorial is in Russian, but don’t let that scare you! She shows step-by-step how to crochet the full granny square and the pattern is pretty simple once you understand the steps! You simply need to crochet double crochet stitches and the waves are created by adding a round of chain stitches.

Polka Dot Granny Square

Circle Granny Square Crochet Pattern

Simple, modern, and really cool. That’s how I would describe this polka dot circle granny. Have fun with colors to make a truly unique crochet project. Start with this easy version to turn a circle into a square and you’ll learn the skills to turn any other circle pattern into a square which means that soon you’ll be able to design your very own granny squares.

Geometric Stained Glass Granny Square Pattern

This is a modern variation of the stained glass granny square. The square details give it a geometric feel and the variegated yarn makes it look very interesting. This would be the perfect square for a bag or a coin purse.

Block Stitch Granny Square Pattern

The block stitch is a really fun crochet stitch to add a touch of color to any project. Here, it’s used in a granny square pattern. You can use a solid color yarn to make the colored dots or you can use variegated yarn to make it even more colorful.

Square Spiral Granny Square Pattern

Another variation of the spiral granny crochet is the rectangular spiral granny square. You only need two colors of yarn but the result is quite impressive. If you want to have some more fun, try using more than 2 colors and see what cool effects you can crochet.

Snowflake Granny Square Pattern

Looking for a cool granny square for a winter blanket? Look no further! This snowflake granny square is the perfect square for that. Start now and you’ll be sure to have a beautiful granny blanket crocheted for Christmas.

Granny Square FAQs

How to join granny squares?

There are a ton of different ways to join granny squares. First, you’ll need to decide whether you want to do a visible or an invisible seem.
Next, you’ll need to choose whether you want to join your grannies using a tapestry needle or crocheting them together.
You can also join your granny squares as you go but that is definitely more difficult than first crocheting the separate squares and then joining them!

How many granny squares do I need to crochet?

As many as you like 😉 Seriously though the number of granny squares you’ll need to crochet will depend on the project you’re envisioning for your grannies.
If you want a blanket, you might have to crochet hundreds. A coin purse can be made with just one granny crochet and a bag will use anywhere between 18 and 30.
The number of granny squares you’ll need to crochet will also depend on whether you’re using a smaller hook or a larger hook and the type of yarn you’re using. A larger hook and thicker yarn will logically create a larger granny square than a smaller hook with thinner yarn. That’s why it’s always a smart idea to do one test granny to determine the size.

What is the easiest granny square to crochet?

The solid granny square is probably one of the easiest granny squares to crochet. All you need to know are basic crochet stitches like the double crochet and chain stitch.

What stitches are best for granny squares?

Most granny squares will use basic stitches such as double crochet, chain stitch, and slip stitch. However, if you want to create unusual and original granny squares you can experiment with other stitches such as the popcorn stitch or the moss stitch.

What can I make with granny squares crochet?

Granny squares are super versatile which means you can use them in a whole range of projects.
The most common granny square crochet projects are:
– Granny square cardigan
– Granny square tote bag
– Granny square pouch
– Granny square coin purse
– Granny square blanket
– Granny square Afghan
– Granny square pillow covers

How do you make a cool granny square?

The ingredients of a cool granny square design are interesting color combinations, original stitches, an unusual element in the center, and relief.
As you can see, the list above shows you 23 cool granny squares you can immediately start crocheting. Or you can use the examples as inspiration to design your cool granny square!

Ready to Crochet Some Granny Squares?

I hope the list above gives you some more inspiration and your fingers are itching to get your hook and yarn and start crocheting some of the examples above!

Make sure to pin this article, so you can come back to it whenever you’re ready for a new granny square crochet project!

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