Way to Crochet Magic Circle


A crochet magic ring also known as a magic circle is an adjustable ring that is useful for crocheting several beautiful patterns. The magic ring technique eliminates hole that forms when you create crochet circle.
You need to make the first stitches round into an adjustable loop and then need to pull the tail to close the loop tightly. With the given tutorial you can easily learn to crochet a magic ring. The step-by-step method will give you clear insight to create a magic ring in no time. Once you get to know this magic ring technique you are all set to use this in different magic circle patterns.

What is Magic Ring?

When you are new to the world of crocheting, the magic circle is a great way to start this exciting journey. Begin with making a yarn loop and work the first round of stitches into an adjustable loop. Pull one end of the loop and tighten it which eliminates the center hole by closing the ring.

Magic Circle Tutorial

Magic circle works up in two parts i.e. the adjustable loop and the stitches according to the pattern.

Step 1 : Loop the Yarn

Take a ball of yarn and lay the yarn end against your left hand and the tail end should point toward you. Loop the ball end loosely around the back of the first two fingers. Cross the working end over on the tail end top and to the left.
Turn your hand and look at the back of your hand and you can see two parallel yarn strands. The yarn ball will be on the left and you will get the tail yarn end on the right.

Step 2 : Insert the hook and pull a loop up

Work from right to left by holding the crochet in your right hand. Under the right-hand yarn piece, you need to slide the crochet hook and then over the left-hand piece. Pull up a loop by left-hand yarn. Rotate the hookup.

Step 3 : Chain

Hold the yarn circle in your left hand and wrap the working yarn over the hook from back to front. Through the loop on the hook draw the yarn that completes a chain. Depending on the stitch type used in the first round you can make the chain stitches.

Step 4 : Time to make stitches into the ring

Make the first round of stitches into the ring. Into the center of the ring, you need to insert the hook and draw up a loop for starting the first single crochet. Draw the yarn through the loops and complete the single crochet.
Make the required number according to the pattern by continuing to make stitches into the loop.

Step 6 : Close the round

Work a slip stitch for joining the round. This should be done into the first stitch and do not stitch into the chain. With a slip stitch do not join the round if you are working in a continuous spiral.

Finishing the project

Sometimes the center ring loosens while working up the pattern. You can pull the yarn tail tight. Weave in the ends so that ring stays in place.