Window Quilt

by Jesse Luginbuhl // updated on: July 3, 2021

When you want to show large prints or blocks then the attic window quilt is the best option. Attic windows quilt can be made in several ways and the outcome is amazing. This is a great way to transform your fabrics into a beautiful pattern and also improves your quilting skills. We have compiled the best patterns of window quilts so you can make your home an exciting place to live.

Window Quilt Pattern Pictures

The pattern is stunning and adds to the beauty of the room. The panel is cut into four segments and separated with sashing.

Window Quilt

Showcase large prints or blocks with the attic windows. This is an easy way to give a fantastic look to the window.

Cathedral Window Quilt

Make your family stunned with this Cathedral window quilt. This timeless heirloom is inspired by the lovely church window.

Cathedral Window Quilt Pattern

The Cathedral window pattern can be simply sewn by machine with an excellent finish. This is a simple yet beautiful project.

Window Pane Quilt

Bring outdoor beauty into your room. The fabrics provide a fantastic setting for the birds.

How to Make a Cathedral Window Quilt

Changing Seasons Attic Window Quilt Free Pattern

If you do not want to replace old windows and doors then window quilts are the best options to give fresh look.

Attic Window Quilt 3D Pattern

The Attic window quilt is loved by all. It is one of the popular choices to make your windows fantastic.

Recycled Denim Cathedral Quilt

This is a gorgeous yet simple pattern made of recycled denim. This project will upgrade your quilting skills.

Dove in the Window Quilt Block Pattern

Dive into this project and showcase your talent. This will be your memorable project.

Directions to Make a Kitchen Window Quilt

Gather some bright pieces of fabric and make this trendy window quilt in a couple of days.

 Instructions and Pattern to Make Cabin Window Quilt

Follow the tutorial carefully and learn the perfect way to make a cathedral window quilt.

3D Faux Cathedral Window Quilt Blocks

Make this fantastic window quilt with this easy process. The pattern is perfect for all occasions.

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