29 Crochet Vest Patterns

by Ashley // updated on: December 29, 2019

Vests are all about layering and there can be no better layer than a vest itself. They are incredibly comfortable and can be worn over a shirt or even under it or a sweater. So we have gathered for you a collection of vest patterns. These are free crochet designs that will work up very fast and are great even as beginners’ projects. Crocheting vest will be more fun with these absolutely free patterns and you can easily find a charming vest to wear that will suit the fall and winter attire. Vests are comfortable to wear and easy to crochet! They appear beautifully to the eyes.

Saddle Tramp Vest

Toddlers and children also can be styled with colorful vest patterns and they can be in fashion too!

You can depend on the different styles of a vest. Hooded ones are cooler than the regular ones with vibrant colors.

Vests are one of the most fabulous options to style your little ones. Crochet colorful vest and keep them warm and trendy.

Crochet Vest Patterns

Crochet vests can look great for every occasion in a variety of events, even for work and nightlife.

Crochet Vest Pattern

Fancy vests are good options when one wishes to dress up during the holidays and flaunt a fresh look.

Painted Wool Vest Crochet Pattern

Woolly vests can be useful for the winters and the late fall to keep you a bit more toasty and comfy.

Crochet Vest Pattern for Beginners

Crocheting vests can result as one of the best and most interesting crochet projects for beginners too for their easy patterns.

You can give your outfits just a single special finish with this vest, crocheted in loop cables of different color works.

Ladies’ Milano Vest Crochet Pattern

Crocheting and wearing vests is all about ease! The Milano vest can look beautiful to the eyes of the beholder.

Crochet Vest Pattern

One can browse through our list of vest crochet patterns to discover the best one to suit your personal taste.

Crochet Vest Pattern

Vests are comfortably loose style statements for ladies accessories that are very much wearable for all seasons.

Granny Motif Vest

Nowadays, granny stitches rule the knitting world so you must incorporate them in your vests too for added charm.

Women’s Crochet Vest Pattern

This can be your favorite spring accessory for they are special and personal. These Mandala vests are must wardrobe additions!

Leaf Lace Vest

Bring in the springs and summers with green leaves on your vests. Knit a baby vest with leafy patterns.

Easy Crochet Vest Pattern

Chunky ones can also be perfect for winters so make use of bulky and dark colored yarns to make these warm vests.

Splinter Vest

Crochet this lightweight vest with soft light yarns and you can flaunt a bit of glam and soberness quite naturally!

Long Crochet Vest Pattern

Long vests add glam to your attire. Look at this classy red long vest adding sparkle and charm to one’s personality.

Crochet Pattern for Vest

Vests can be so charming that you might not wish them to give away as gifts and keep them yourselves for your fall wardrobe.

Cables help to keep you more comfy, warmer and cozier even without a jacket for the winters.

Vintage Crochet Vest Pattern

This pure white crochet vest can take you rewinding back to the vintage era and you can flaunt a classic style.

Black is the color for reflecting elegance. You can flaunt it too with this black crochet vest added to your outfits.

Lacy vests can make great crochet gifts for ladies of all ages for they have a unique and delicate touch of personalization.

Men’s Swish Crochet Vest

Women are in vogue for vests! So why should men be behind! Make a rugged winter vest and surprise your special someone!

Crocheted Vest Pattern

Vests can slip on quickly and they can be worn almost every outfit to provide you with a finished look.

Bohemian styles are always in fashion even for vest patterns. Make sure you have one of these circle vests for the fall season.

Lady’s Lace Vest Crochet

Laces are heavenly for every woman! So they should not miss lacy patterns on their vests for lovely attires.

LUL’s Flower Power Vest

Flower patterns are lovable so surprise your loved ones with colorful floral vests with simplicity in their shaping.

Rippling Vest Crochet Pattern

These can also be worn under jackets on the coldest days of the winter season to make you feel extra warm.

Crochet Sweater Vest Pattern

Vests are perfect garments for layering so try out a bulky sweater vest for chilling winters and you will be super warm.

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