33 Crochet Bookmarks

by Ashley // updated on: March 4, 2020

Bookmarks are quite functional and cute accessories. So, if they are crocheted ones, then the adorability levels rise high. Crochet bookmarks are both useful and beautiful things. Adding a crochet bookmark to any book enhances the value and beauty of the book. One can also keep a stack of these bookmarks anywhere on the tables or mantles on any side for a wonderful display and décor. These are quite useful and handy for one can grab one of these lying on the table for marking a spot in his or her book. So get ready to crochet some cute bookmark patterns for your bookish companions.

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Crochet Holy Cross Bookmark Pattern

Holy Bookmark Pattern

You should first make a set of these lovely cross bookmarks crocheted in different thread colors for pious and holy books.

Easy Crochet Bookmark Pattern

Easy Crochet Bookmark

A simple crocheted bookmark can make your books feel happy and content! Try for sweeter colors of yarns.

Learn to make a proper crocheted bookmark with our easy methods for flimsy ones can fall out of your books quickly.

Crochet Music Note Bookmark Pattern

Tidy Crochet Bookmark for All

These musical cords can make your life lyrical and in full rhythm! Crochet a few colorful bookmarks and gift all your friends.

We offer you with a wide range of crochet patterns for lovely bookmarks. Choose yours and be happy!

Create a holy bookmark for your books for a more aesthetic touch to it. A crocheted cross can be perfect.

Free Crochet Bookmark

Add a crochet bookmark to the book you want to gift someone and your gift can be a bit more personalized!

One must make cross bookmarks for the holy book collection. Mark your Bible pages with a lovely blue one.

For easy patterning, one must at first lay the outline for crocheting a bookmark and then start knitting it.

Interesting Bookmark Pattern for Crochet Lovers

All the crochet lovers must be celebrating for they can now make bookmarks too with superb crocheting details.

Free Crochet Bookmark Patterns

One can gift little ones with these animal bookmarks for a fun and enjoyable reading experience of their storybooks.

Sweet bookmarks can make your book reading more lovable and satisfying and one will be pleased to open the book.

All of you surely love the cross! It can be in any form, on your walls, as fashion accessories or even a cute bookmark pattern.

Check out the easy steps for crocheting your bookmarks and you can never lose your place in books again!

Yellow Rose Bookmark

A yellow rose is the sign of purity! So do not miss to crochet one as your bookmark and make friends with your books.

They are functional enough as long as it comes to mark a spot in the book and make it easy for you to go back.

Crocheted Bookmarks

You can opt for these cute dresses as perfect patterns for your crochet bookmarks. Decorate your pages with cuteness.

Both flowers and books can be human’s best companions. Crochet a bunch of colorful blossoms to make your books bloom.

A cupcake bookmark is a pure delight to all! Add this as gifts for they are great ways to make presents.

Fun Bookmarks for Birthdays

Cute patterns for bookmarks can make great birthday gifts for everyone, especially for your sweet little cupcakes!

Free Crochet Cross Bookmark Pattern

Cross bookmarks are lovely for they empower you with piousness and holiness while opening your book.

Imagine colorful butterflies flying and spreading hues on opening a book and your reading can get much more exciting.

Have a guarding angel on your books and you can be super protected from all evils. Crocheted angels are heavenly bookmarks.

Make a set of beautiful butterflies for each of your books in the storybook collection for your children.

Gift your valentine a gorgeous red crochet heart for his books and you can see his happiness outpouring.

Easy Crochet Bookmark Patterns

Pink hearts can decorate your last read pages and when you open the book again you can come back with a smile!

One can add a few beads too in the bookmarks for an additional ornamental touch for your favorite books.

Little kitties roaming on your book pages are adorable! Make a pair of cat bookmarks with lovely colored crochets.

Elephant Bookmark

A cute fatty elephant can help you to mark the last page you have read. Crochet a blue elephant bookmark this time.

Little kids cannot really search for pages! They will be happy if this baby elephant comes to the rescue.

Easy Crochet Bookmarks

A lovely crochet bookmark can be the most adorable gift you can have for your special ones.

Fun Bookmarks for Birthdays

A cute rainbow bookmark can be an excellent option for birthday gifts to little children on their special days!

How to make Crochet Bookmark?

Simply crochet some chain patterns and one can perhaps get the simplest and a unique bookmark at home.

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