51 Crochet Necklace Patterns

by Ashley // updated on: December 29, 2019

Crochet necklace

Nowadays, women love fashionable accessories a lot and most of them have an inclination towards funky jewelry like bracelets, necklaces and rings. Unlike the bulky ornaments of the old traditional times, ladies prefer these trendy lightweight accessories to flaunt a unique style statement. Moreover, in the present days, they are likely to crochet these accessories by themselves instead of buying them from the markets. One can customize the piece of jewelry according to her preferences and taste. So take a step forward in the path of creativity and try making some beautiful pieces of crocheted necklaces for yourself and your dear ones.

One can find free instructions and patterns for crocheting necklaces. Just follow them and do wonders!

Crocheted neckpieces would add finesse to your personality and extra stylish touch to your attire with their beauty.

One will undoubtedly have a fun-filled experience while making these crocheted necklaces with various color yarns and patterns.

Make sure to attempt for pretty necklaces and crocheting them in rich colors for a fresh cool look with any outfit.

Chandelier patterns look best for necklaces, they being in any kind. Intricate designs give a royal look.

Pretty designs of crochet necklace can finish off any of your outfits just flawlessly and quite effortlessly.

A beautiful bib necklace is just the right gift for some special people as well as a fantastic gift for yourself too in this year!

One can find free patterns for making beaded necklaces with lovely colorful beads crocheted together along.

Crocheted Necklaces

We have some great patterns for crocheting your necklaces for all the crochet lovers. Choose yours and get going.

Mesh Crochet Necklace

Mesh patterns look heavenly even for neck pieces, like this classic red one that will undoubtedly tempt you.

Crocheted Necklace from Trellis Ribbon

Design colorful necklaces in this exceptional form to proceed with more dramatic styles for your crocheting!

We are pleased to provide you with this adorable pattern of flower crochet necklace for a lovely look.

DIY Crochet Bead necklace

We have created a lot of tutorials that will surely help you to deal with beads and crocheting wonderful accessories.

Love beads? Here we are with unusual beaded patterns for crocheting your necklaces that goes right with dresses.

Crochet Twist Necklace

Add a twist to your fashion accessories with this red classy crocheted necklace and feel sassy this season.

Crochet Necklace Pattern

Beads make gorgeous jewelry so grab your hook and a bunch of colorful beads and threads to create a nice crochet necklace.

Take up popping colors of beads for a lovely crocheting experience! Bind them together and you can do wonders!

Ladies just fall in for flowers- they can be in any form. So make this blossoming necklace for yourself this blooming season.

Crocheting now is not limited to scarf knitting and Afghans. One can make fantastic neckpieces too with various patterns.

Yellow Crochet Necklace

You can use bright yellow yarns for making gorgeous crocheting for your jewelry like this sweet neckpiece.

Once you get the necklace patterns, you will surely nail crocheting even a beaded one. Learn the tricks.

Ribbon and Pearl Necklace

We can offer you the most interesting ideas for crafting a lovely neckpiece out of cute ribbons and gorgeous pearls.

We bet you can never fall short of crocheting ideas over here! Learn online and do wonders out in the real world.

Wire Crochet Necklace

One can now make exotic pieces of jewelry while at home using colorful transparent beads and some crocheting wires.

Rose Garden Crochet Necklace

You can have a lovely garden around the neck with these lovely crocheted roses on your necklace cord.

Raspberry Taupe and Brown Beaded Wire Crochet Necklace

Crochet together beads of bright raspberry pinks and purples and knit them with wires for a classic piece of necklace.

Look at this incredibly beautiful blue hearted necklace. Crochet one at home with bright blue beads and little hearts!

Once you get the hold of crocheting a necklace, you cannot get over it and one will be literally hooked.

Crochet Yarn Necklace

If beads make the necklaces beautiful, yarns too must not be left out for they make them more gracious.

It‘s time to take out your crocheting hooks and colorful threads for making some fabulous pieces of necklaces!

While you are searching for exciting designs for crocheting your necklaces, we have got for you this unique pattern.

Floral crochets are the loveliest of all! Make these pretty purple flowers blooming all along your necklace.

This is indeed a gorgeous piece of beaded necklace. In fact, one cannot easily believe this one to be a hand crocheted one.

We have crochet patterns that suit every style and all skill levels. Learn the steps and start making a ring necklace.

Crochet Necklace Pattern

There are so many patterns here that once you start them, you will be hooked on these fabulous soft necklaces.

Crochet a Simple Necklace

One can make simple crocheting with sweet colored ribbons and lovely pearls binding them together for a beautiful necklace.

Crochet these little colorful bunting necklaces and you can gift them to your special friends on particular occasions.

Make these stylish chain patterns while crocheting your necklaces and you can easily flaunt a glam look.

Flower Necklace Hawaiian Dream

Style yourself in Hawaiian tradition with this colorful crocheted floral necklace. These are perfect for special ceremonies.

We offer you numerous ideas and patterns and free crocheting techniques. Get started and select yours.

You can make out roses out of lovely ribbons. Pretty up your necklace with sweet yellow crocheting threads.

Like women, kids also fall in love with beads. So, get ready to deck up your little one with sweet, colorful necklaces.

Chain neckpieces are glamorous and wearing them one can easily flaunt a sophisticated look simply with a little bit of crocheting.

Crocheted Necklace

You have never done crocheting before, not to worry. We have excellent patterns for all you beginners too.

How to Crochet a Bib Necklace?

We have simple patterns and ready to hand techniques for you to crochet a lovely bib necklace for yourself.

How to Crochet a Necklace?

We have gathered a wide range of patterns and the easy ways to crochet necklaces for you to choose.

How to make a Crocheted Necklace?

Learn the methods and follow the right techniques for an appropriate creation of a crochet necklace.

How to Wire Crochet a Long Necklace?

Gone are the days when one only can think of yarns for crocheting! Wires can turn out to be magical too.

How to Crochet a Flower Necklace?

Crochet colorful little flowers and bind them together to create a neckpiece with pretty blossoms all over.

How to Crochet a Blue Beaded Necklace for Kids?

Take up bright blue shades while choosing your beads and knit up a beautiful little necklace for the younger ones.

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