55 Crochet Pillow Patterns

by Ashley // updated on: December 29, 2019

One can easily spruce up the room decor with crocheted pillows. Some may be of beautiful decorative styles and others may be of simple patterns. One can crochet pillows and impress the guests quite effortlessly. Crocheting pillows is a quick and fun project and you will be delighted to show off your crocheting skills. These are fun and easy decorative crafts enhancing the decor of your bedrooms or your living space. Pillows and their covers are useful and they can add a great accent to your room decor. Pillows can be extremely versatile and they can be easily customized too.

Triangle Crochet Pillow

Triangle patterns are more than perfect for styling your pillows as these unique shapes add funkiness to your rooms.

One can choose from a wide selection of crochet patterns for designing her pillows and impress every guest.

Here we offer you a whole bunch of owl patterns to beautify your kid’s room. Crochet cute pillows and surprise them.

You can select lighter shades for a soothing ambiance in your bedroom. Sweeter colored yarns are bliss for crocheting pillows.

Box stitches add a certain glam quotient to your pillows. So do not miss out them while crocheting your pillow patterns.

Springtime Crocheted Accent Pillow

Springtime brings in bloom to nature! So your house should not get deprived of it either. Blossom your pillows with Mandalas!

You can choose different patterns of pillows to style up your family rooms, bedrooms or even office rooms.

Owl Pillow

Crocheting becomes adorable with animal patterns especially these cute, colorful owls for soft pillows.

You might love bacon and eggs on your breakfast table. How about these with your pillow patterns!

Women readily fall in love with flower patterns. They can look pure bliss on white pillows and cushions.

Crochet Pillow Pattern

You can design your pillows in any patterns and shapes, be it simple floral ones or cute and bright owl shapes.

One must at first get hands on the procedures for proper crocheting and soon it becomes quite enjoyable for knitters.

Green Patterned Pillow

Green is the color for soothing your rooms both in the environment and the feel of your bedrooms or sofas.

Flower Pillow

You can have a garden of blossoming flowers while designing crochet flowers on your cushion or pillow.

Wish you happy crocheting season with the most adorable owl patterns and you can make beautiful designs for your child’s pillow.

Crochet Pillow Pattern

This cute sleepy owl pattern is the most adorable one you can have for your child’s bedroom or playroom for cuddling along.

Striped Pillow Cover

Stripes can look stylish and add charm to your room décor. Add varied color works for striping pattern for the pillows.

Classic designs like granny squares make your pillows much more aesthetic and sophisticated ones.

Your kids will be in the land of absolute happiness with these attractive vibrant owl pillows while cuddling on snug days.

Cherry blossoms can be on your beds or couches with these popping crocheting patterns for your pillows or cushions.

Heart Pillow

This red heart pillow will surely melt your heart and your special one will merely lose his heart once again on you!

One can make her beds and sofas blooming with these colorful flowers popping out of the pillows!

Embroidered Pillow

Hand embroideries look gracious on crocheted cushions or pillows. One must use various color threads.

Chevrons are themselves glamorous! And flower patterns on them are just like a cherry on top.

You can simply win hearts all over with these cute pretty pink crocheted heart pillows and cushions!

Flower patterns are most lovable ones for designing anything in this world. Imagine them blooming on your pillows!

Tiny red hearts on a pure white crochet cushion seems heavenly and while designing it, you too will be in a land of paradise!

You can browse through a large variety of pillow patterns and images for the right choice if your crochet designs.

Diagonal Pillow

Diagonal shapes look unique and trendy for pillow patterns. Integrate colorful stripes on them and see the wonder!

Pillow Crochet Pattern

Classic designs of crochet pillows can provide an ideal makeover for your bedrooms or drawing rooms.

EKG Scrap Pillow

This is one of the unique patterns of crocheting your pillows. Guests cannot help being awestruck.

These designs are adorable and they are a graceful addition to your interiors wherever they are placed.

Pinwheel Pillow

Pinwheel patterns are another unique and one can add a different style décor to the rooms with bright color works.

Pictures of Crochet Pillow

Groom your home with these beautiful crochet pillows incorporated with colorful granny flower squares.

Giraffe Pillow

You may make fun animal patterns for your pillows like this bright yellow giraffe pillow for your little ones.

Textured Throw Pillow Cover

Rich textural elements add more intricacy to your pillows while making them more soft and comfortable.

Easy Crochet Pillow Pattern

We have several easy patterns to offer you for comfortable knitting. Even beginners can make excellent pillows.

Round crocheted cushions can be comfy and cozy and at the same time give you some warmth and softness during cold evenings.

Rainbow in the Clouds Pillow

Kids would just adore this pattern and cannot help but cuddle the pillows all the time for the lovely designs.

Crochet your pillows with beautiful African flower patterns and try to use light and sweeter shades of yarns.

Ebb and Flow Pillow

One can incorporate a particular style in her pillows and cushions with this new pattern adding a different charm altogether.

Penguin Pillow

Penguins are undoubtedly most adorable animals and crocheting them into your child’s pillows is indeed a blessing.

Besides crocheting pillows, you can lessen the time by making only the pillow covers crocheted in simple sweet floral ways.

Just Hanging Out Pillow

One can simply hang out with friends at home and cuddle up in these colorful decorative pillows.

Crocheted Pillow

Those of you who are passionate about crocheting must try out newer designs for creating wonders at home.

Block patterns are super stylish and they can directly transform the entire décor of your rooms.

Crochet Pattern for Pillow

Chevron patterns are the easiest ways to add a luxurious touch to your beds and couches at home.

Unleash the creature in your kids with animal patterns for their pillows. This small panda pillow is incredibly cute!

Little ones would love to get cuddled by these soft, warm bunny pillows on a snug day while on a couch or a cot.

Round pillow patterns can look stylish enough and they can complement any type of home décor.

One can also use basket weave stitches as you can find numerous fun and stylish options for patterns to choose from.

Flower patterns look the loveliest of all others! Make sure to crochet at least one pillow in your bedroom.

Pillowcases also need crocheting and one do not have to crochet the whole pillow but just the cover for a grand style.

How to Crochet a Pillow?

Learn the easy steps from our website and one can readily make her own collection of crocheted pillows for a beautiful décor.

How to Crochet a Heart Pillow?

Read through the steps for making a cute soft heart pillow for your sofas and the guests will be super impressed.

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