Amazing Crochet Angel Patterns

by Jesse Luginbuhl // updated on: February 23, 2023

Christmas is here again and decorations will begin soon. There is nothing good than homemade décor when it comes to Christmas. We have compiled amazing crochet Angel patterns for which you need yarn, crochet hook, and time. Don’t worry these lovely projects complete in no time.

Amazing Crochet Angel Patterns

The pattern uses size 10 thread and size 8 crochet hooks. You can use yarn of different sizes and can adjust the hook size accordingly.

Crochet Angel Tutorial

Follow the instructions carefully and make the crochet angel easily.

Free Crochet Angel Pattern for Charity

The pattern captures the old-fashioned feel by incorporating traditional symbols. You will be pleased with the result.

Free 3D Crochet Angel Pattern to Print

The crochet angel pattern is perfect for home décor and it can be gifted to your loved ones.

Free Crochet Angel Bell Ornament Pattern

You will love this pattern as it completes in no time. The bell ornament pattern is all time favorite of everyone.

Free Vintage Crochet Christmas Angel Ornament Pattern

It is a perfect time to use your crochet skills and make this amazing project that you will love.

Mini Crochet Christmas Angels

Crochet Angels with cotton thread that is easy to make and works in one piece. The pattern uses only basic stitches.

Christmas Ornament Angel Pattern to Crochet

This pattern is excellent if you are looking for some special decoration for your Christmas tree or table. It is the most delicate and the sweetest angel you have ever seen.

Free Crochet Guardian Angel Pattern

You will love the result. This easy-to-follow pattern completes in no time.

Crocheted Standing Angel Pattern

The beautiful lace angel is a perfect home décor that you can use during the Christmas season.

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