Barbie Ipad Sleeve Crochet Pattern & Tutorial

by Hanne // updated on: August 11, 2023

Ok ok, the movie is all the hype so we can’t help but create a Barbie Ipad sleeve, can we 😉

This crochet pattern is really simple, but the effect is pretty grand! Thanks to the gingham pattern and the heart closure this crochet Ipad sleeve becomes super cute. Of course you can use any color you like (if you’re not into the whole pink world thing).

Let ‘s get started with this free Barbie Ipad sleeve crochet pattern!
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The Materials

For this pattern, all you need is acrylic yarn in two different colors (white and pink in our case) 1 skein of each is more than enough, a little leftover of cotton yarn (for the hearts).
I’ve used a size 4.5 mm crochet hook for the sleeve and a size 3 for the hearts.

You can use any yarn you’d like and any size hook, you’ll just need to adjust the number of squares in your checkered pattern to make sure it fits the Ipad!

The Instructions

We’ll be working this pattern in the round, so that we won’t have to sew anything (yay for no-sew crochet patterns!)

To get the right dimensions, chain 12, turn, chain 3 (counts as the first double crochet) and crochet 11 more double crochets, now measure this swatch and measure your Ipad.

You’ll need to work in increments of 4 stitches and you want to have an EVEN number of squares (so that the checkered pattern repeats nicely even at the end of the round).

For my Ipad pro, with the yarn and hook I choose, I need to chain 56 stitches.
56/4 = 14 squares ==> perfect for the color switching.

I decided to create a video tutorial for you all because even though the pattern really isn’t that difficult there are a few interesting techniques in there that are easier to explain in video!

The Barbie Ipad Sleeve Video Tutorial

The Written Crochet Instructions

In Pink:

  • Ch 56, sl st in the first chain to close the loop.
Beginning of round 1
  • Round 1: Ch 3 (counts as the first dc) and chain 55 dc in the remaining stitches. Count several times! You absolutely NEED the right amount of stitches for the gingham pattern to work out. Sl st in the 3rd ch of the beginning ch 3 to close the round.

Now is the time to check if the sleeve will fit your Ipad! Remember that if it’s too small or too big you’ll need to add or remove 8 stitches (to make sure the pattern repeat is correct).

Check if the sleeve will fit!
  • Round 2 (beginning of the pattern): ch 3 (counts as first dc), dc 2, start the next dc but change colors to white in the last pull through. 3dc, start the 4th dc but change colors on the last pull through. Make sure to work your stitches OVER the other color thread so that you take the color you’re not using with you at the back of your work. Repeat the pattern until the end of the row (12 more times) each time changing colors on the 4th dc. Sl st in the top chain of the beginning ch 3 to close the round.
On the 4the stitch, change colors.
  • Round 3 (create the squares): for this row, you’ll want to repeat the exact thing you did in row 2 using the same colors on top of each other to form squares. Ch 3, 3 dc switch colors, 4 dc switch color etc. At the last dc, DO NOT change colors! Sl st in the top ch to finish the row.
  • Round 4: repeat the pattern but use the opposite color (in our case this means starting the row with white) Ch 3, 3 dc switch colors, 4 dc switch color etc. Sl st in the top ch to finish the row.
  • Round 5: repeat row 4. This is the end of your checkered pattern.

Now, repeat Round 2-5 until you get the desired height for your Ipad sleeve.

I did 4.5 times more for a total of 11 squares.

WIP… SO satisfying!

Then to finish off the sleeve, do one full round of dc with the white yarn and then we’ll close the sleeve.

To close the sleeve we’ll use a way of joining the two sides of the sleeve that’s often used to join granny squares.

Start with a foundation stitch, then in the first stitch of the round, work a single crochet. When done, pull out the hook and insert the hook in the last stitch of the round (from the outside to the inside) pick up the loop you left and pull through. This way you’re connecting both sides. Then work again a single crochet in the second stich of the round, unhook, insert the hook in the stitch before last, pull through and continue doing this. For the last stitch (stitch 28 and 29) simply make a single crochet through both of them.

The Heart Closure

To avoid the Ipad slips out, we’re adding this cute heart closure

One thing that makes this Ipad sleeve really cute is the heart that’s used to close the sleeve and to avoid the Ipad from slipping out.

For this, we’ll need to crochet 2 hearts.

Luckily that’s really easy to do!

Magic Ring – ch 4

Now work in the magic ring: 3 trc, 3dc, 1ch, 1trc, 1ch, 3dc, 3trc, ch4, slst

This will create your heart!

Now all you have to do is attach one heart to the sleeve and chain enough stitches to the other heart to create a cord that can wrap around the heart and attach that to the back of the sleeve.

And that’s it!

Are you ready to crochet your own Barbie Ipad sleeve?

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