Bunny Tissue Holder Free Crochet Pattern

by Hanne // updated on: May 10, 2023

If you’re looking for a fun and cute crochet project, this bunny tissue holder is the perfect match!

Boxes of tissues are usually pretty ugly, so why not make it much more pleasing to the eye by replacing the ugly box with a super cute bunny?

This is perfect for any children’s room!

If you’ve been looking for a crochet project to add to your arsenal of practical items to sell, this could also be the perfect fit!

In this article you’ll find the written step-by-step instructions to make this bunny tissue holder. These instructions are based on the video tutorial you’ll find at the bottom of the page. The video is in Chinese which is why we created this written crochet tutorial for you.

I hope you like it! If so, don’t forget to pin this article so you can easily find it for future reference!

Bunny Tissue Holder Free Crochet Pattern
Bunny Tissue Holder Free Crochet Pattern
Free crochet pattern bunny tissue holder
Tissue Holder Crochet Project


  • 3,5 mm crochet hook
  • 100g yarn for main color
  • Leftover yarn for tail and paws
  • 2 x 8mm beads for the eyes
  • Hot glue gun

Step-by-Step Pattern Description

Foundation: Ch 35

Row 1 work around the foundation chain: sc inc in the second ch from the hook add a stitch marker in the first sc, 32 sc, 3sc in the last chain, 32 sc, sc in the same space as the first sc inc (70 stitches)

Row 2 working in spiral, 70 sc, change the place of the stitch marker to indicate the first stitch in the spiral. 

Row 3-14: 70sc

free crochet pattern bunny
Use a stitch marker to know when you completed a round

Row 15: 8 sc, ch 24, sk24, 38 sc (70 stitches)

Row 16: 8 sc, sc 24 in the chain from previous row, 38 sc (70 stitches)

Step by step crochet pattern bunny tissue holder
Chain to create the opening for the tissues

Row 17 – 29: 70 sc 

Free crochet pattern bunny
continue above the opening to finish the tissue holder

Turn the work inside out and close the top using a needle.

You now have the poach for the tissues ready! 

Tissue Holder Crochet Project
Finished Tissue Holder Crochet Project

It’s time to make it into a bunny. 

Crochet the Legs

(Repeat 4 times)

Start with white colored yarn

Row 1: Magic ring + 6 sc (6 stitches)

Row 2: sc inc * 6 (12 stitches) mark your first stitch in the spiral

Row 3: (3 sc, sc inc) *3 (15 stitches) change color in the last stitch yarn over and pull through.

Row 4 – 8: 15 sc (15 stitches)

Cast off and fill with fiber fill.

Bunny crochet project free pattern
Crochet 4 legs

Crochet the Bunny Head

In main color

Magic ring + 6 sc = (6 st)

Row 2: sc inc * 6 = (12 st) mark your first stitch in the spiral

Row 3: (sc, sc inc)* 6 = (18 st)

Row 4: (sc, sc inc, sc) *6 = (24 st)

Row 5: (3sc, sc inc) *6 = (30 st)

Bunny crochet pattern
Start with a magic ring to create the head of the bunny

Row 6: (9sc, sc inc)*3 = (33 st)

Row 7-11: 33sc = (33 st)

Bunny crochet pattern
Almost finished with the bunny head

Row 12: (9sc, sc dec)*3 = (30 st)

Row 13: (3sc, sc dec) *6 = (24 st)

Row 14: (sc, sc dec, sc) *6 = (18 st)

Row 15: (sc, sc dec)* 6 = (12 st) fill the ball with fiber fill

Row 16: (sc dec)*6 = (6 st)

Crochet the Tail

Magic ring + 6 sc = (6 st)

Row 2: sc inc * 6 = (12 st) mark your first stitch in the spiral

Row 3: (sc, sc inc)* 6 = (18 st)

Row 4-6: 18 sc = (18 st)

Row 7: (sc, sc dec)*6 = (12 st) fill the ball with fiber fill

Row 8: sc dec * 6 = (6 st)

Crochet the Ears

Repeat to make 2 ears 

Magic ring + 6 sc = (6 st)

Row 2: sc inc * 6 = (12 st) mark your first stitch in the spiral

Row 3: (3sc, sc inc)* 3 = (15 st)

Row 4-7: 15 sc = (15 st)

Row 8: (3 sc, sc dec)* 3 = (12 st)

Row 8: (2sc, sc dec)* 3 = (9 st)

Bunny tail and ears free crochet pattern
Here are the tail and the ears

Assemble the pieces

Attach the ears to the head

Glue the eyes on the head and sew the nose

Attach the four feet on the corners of the body

Attach the tail behind the tissue opening and the head in front of the opening.

Bunny free crochet pattern
And here’s the finished project!

And that’s it! That’s your bunny tissue holder ready to go. 

Watch the Free Video Crochet Tutorial

Note: This pattern is made by xiaoshimei and this written tutorial is a translation, based on her video tutorial. Copyright and credits Xiaoshimei

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