21 Crochet Gift Ideas for Men

by Hanne // updated on: August 29, 2023

Let’s bust the myth that crochet is just for ladies and babies because the charm of yarn has no limits and we’ll prove it to you with these 21 crochet gift ideas for men. 

Although most men would appreciate gadgets and gizmos as presents, you can whip up heartfelt presents for men in your life with the magic of crochet. 

Whether surprising your tech-loving dad, adding warmth to your partner’s winter, or showing your male buddies some love, crocheted gifts carry a unique touch. 

Get ready to explore a bunch of possibilities that blend creativity, coziness, and a whole lot of care.

Easy Crochet Gifts for Men

Whether you are a beginner or an expert crocheter, this “Easy Crochet Gifts for Men” guide will give you enough ideas for crafting heartfelt surprises for men. 

If you’re starting out on your crochet journey, these patterns are your golden ticket to creating impressive gifts without getting tangled up in complexity. 

And if you’re a seasoned hook wielder, you’ll appreciate the joy of whipping up these projects in no time. 

So, grab your yarn and a comfy spot and turn your yarn into awesome presents!

1- Crochet Necktie Free Pattern

crochet necktie free pattern
crochet necktie free pattern

Looking for a quick crochet project that ticks the boxes of a perfect gift?

Get ready to crochet this snazzy necktie.

You know what makes it great? It’s free and easy-peasy! 

Grab a size G hook, and you’re good to go. This pattern is a lifesaver for beginners and busy bees who need a cool gift in a flash. 

Don’t worry about the clock ticking because this necktie works up super fast. 

Find the Free Pattern Here

2- Crochet Cowl Free Pattern

Crochet Cowl Free Pattern
Crochet Cowl Free Pattern

Next on our list of easy crochet gifts for men is this free Crochet Cowl pattern! 

Isn’t it stylish? 

All you need is an 8mm crochet hook, and you’re good to roll. 

Seriously, it’s like crafting in easy mode. 

The cowl is made using double crochet stitches, so it’s basically the crochet version of a walk in the park. 

Find the Free Pattern Here

3- Crochet Scarf for Men – Free Pattern

Crochet Scarf for Men - Free Pattern
Crochet Scarf for Men – Free Pattern

Up next, we’ve got the Crochet Scarf for Men – a real winner! 

This handsome two-toned scarf is super easy to crochet and a total savior for last-minute gifts. 

You’re in control of the colors – pick your favorites. 

All you need are I and J crochet hooks and a mix of single crochet (sc) and half double crochet (hdc) stitches. 

Time to get crafty and wrap your loved ones in style and warmth!

Grab the Free Pattern Here 

4- Crochet Fingerless Gloves for Men

Crochet Fingerless Gloves for Men
Crochet Fingerless Gloves for Men

No doubt about it, our list of easy crochet gifts for men would be incomplete without the Fingerless Gloves. 

This beginner-friendly pattern is available for free. 

Armed with an H hook and some medium-weight yarn in your favorite color, you’re all set to crochet a suave pair of fingerless gloves for the special men in your life. 

Grab the Free Pattern Here

5- Crochet Beanie for Men

crochet beanie for men
crochet beanie for men

Next on the list of easy crochet gifts for men is this classic yet stylish beanie. 

This bad boy is simple but oh-so-dashing. 

It can be whipped up in about an hour, making it the ultimate last-minute go-to gift. 

Crochet into the back loop of each stitch to get this awesome ribbed texture.

With bulky yarn and a 9mm crochet hook, you’re all set to create warmth and fashion rolled into one. 

Free Pattern is Available Here

6- Crochet Wallet For Men

crochet wallet for men
crochet wallet for men

The next on the list of easy crochet gifts for men is this Two-Fold Crochet Wallet. 

This easy-to-follow YouTube tutorial is not only beginner-friendly, it’s fun to make. 

This wallet is worked up in hdc stitches, and it’s a nifty two-fold design with card pockets. 

So, whether you are looking for a last-minute birthday or Father’s Day gift or have some free time on your hands, create this stylish wallet that’s not just cool but functional, too. 

Watch the Video Tutorial Here:

Crochet wallet gift for men

7- Crochet Kindle Cover

crochet kindle cover
crochet kindle cover

We all have a bookworm friend who’s super careful about their precious reads. 

And what could be better than gifting them something they’ll truly appreciate? 

This Crochet Kindle Cover is a quick and easy pattern that’s totally free. 

On their special day, crochet them this cover to add a touch of handmade protection and style to their cherished Kindle. 

So, grab your crochet hook and let’s give those e-readers a cozy upgrade!

Grab the Free Pattern Here

If you’re looking for more inspiration for booklovers, check out our article 13 Free Crochet Book Sleeve Patterns for more inspiration.

Funny Crochet Gifts for Men

Get ready to crochet some smiles with these funny gifts for men! 

Yup, you heard that right. 

Have you seen socks with a mustache or a beanie that’s basically a beard – all made with yarn? 

The crochet projects in this list are all about adding fun to your gifts. 

So, if you’re up for making someone laugh while giving a handmade present, these funny crochet ideas are your go-to. 

Get ready to stitch up joy and chuckles!

And if funny gifts are your jam, check out our other article with 13 funny crochet patterns!

8- Crochet Beard for Beanie

Crochet Beard for Beanie
Crochet Beard for Beanie

Get set for some crochet fun with the Detachable Beard! 

First, crochet your favorite beanie using any pattern you like. 

Then grab your H hook and make this funny beard. Attach it to the beanie and get ready to crack up. 

It’s like having a cozy hat and a goofy beard all in one. 

Surprise that special someone with this unconventional, funny gift.

Find the Pattern Here

9- Crochet Socks with Mustache

Crochet Socks with Mustache
Crochet Socks with Mustache

Check out these free Crochet Socks with a Mustache motif – it’s a total hoot! 

With a size H crochet hook and a good dose of creativity, you can create this pair of socks in no time.

Although the mustache part looks a bit tricky, If you have done cross-stitch, it will be a piece of cake for you.

It’s made using a graph – easy peasy! 

Free Pattern is Available Here

10- Crochet Mesh Shorts for Men

Crochet Mesh Shorts for Men
Crochet Mesh Shorts for Men

Feeling naughty, eh??

Grab your 5mm hook and jazz up the crochet scene with Mesh Shorts for Men!

You can tweak the pattern to fit sizes from small to XXL – super flexible! 

The pair of shorts will make a great chuckle-worthy gift. 

So, get ready to add some humor to your crochet game.

Free Pattern is Available Here

11- Funny Ugly Christmas Sweater

Funny Ugly Christmas Sweater
Funny Ugly Christmas Sweater

How about some giggles and laughs with a Funny Ugly Christmas Sweater? 

Grab a 6.5mm hook and let your creativity shine. Grab fur, pompoms, shiny cords and go crazy! 

You can create your non-Christmas version as well. This pattern is for a men’s large sweater, but if you are good with size adjustments, you can create it in different sizes. 

Whether you’re making a funky fashion statement or a hilarious gift, get ready to spread some holiday joy. 

Get the Pattern Here

12- Crochet Baseball Can Cozy

Crochet Baseball Can Cozy
Crochet Baseball Can Cozy

Imagine gifting a baseball-loving friend a chuckle-filled surprise – the Funny Faced Crochet Baseball Can Cozy! 

Just grab a 5mm crochet hook, and let’s go. 

It’s a fantastic, fun project that’s spot-on for an upcoming birthday bash. This cozy with a twist is sure to hit a home run with any baseball enthusiast. 

Let’s crochet some smiles!

Get the Pattern Here

Unique Crochet Gifts for Men

Get ready to discover a world of creativity with Unique Crochet Gifts for Men in this section. 

Gone are the days of ordinary presents because now you can surprise your loved ones with these one-of-a-kind crochet goodies crafted with love and yarn.

You can add a touch of personalization with these unique crochet creations tailor-made for the guys in your life. 

No more racking your brain for gift ideas – let’s infuse some handmade charm and individuality into every surprise. 

13- Crochet Pizza Sweater

Crochet Pizza Sweater
Crochet Pizza Sweater

Here comes a slice of pure delight!!

This Crochet Pizza Sweater calls for 5/5.5mm hooks and some free time to create this unique and delectable sweater. 

From small to XXL sizes, even kiddos (sizes 1-3) can get in on the cheesy goodness. 

This isn’t just any pattern – it’s a unique and fun way to celebrate the true love for pizza. 

Yours for only $4.95, it’s a tasty deal to whip up a pizza-themed sweater that’s as cool as it is comfy. 

So, get ready to show off your cheesy side!

Buy the Pattern Here

14- Crochet Bacon and Eggs Pillow

Crochet Bacon and Eggs Pillow
Crochet Bacon and Eggs Pillow

Imagine surprising your special someone with bacon and sunny-side-up eggs that are forever snuggle-ready. 

This yummy pattern won’t cost you a dime – it’s totally free! 

Just grab your trusty H/5.5mm hook and cook up this unique crochet masterpiece.

On birthday morning, serve up a whole lot of coziness and smiles with this adorable crochet creation.

Get the Free Pattern Here

15- Crochet “BEER ME” Lap Blanket

Crochet “BEER ME” Lap Blanket
Crochet “BEER ME” Lap Blanket

This cool corner-to-corner lap blanket that says “BEER ME” is all about comfort. 

Picture it as a finished blanket, perfect for grown-up laps, measuring 40″ W x 48″ L. 

You just need a 5mm crochet hook to work your magic. This classic C2C blanket works up diagonally. 

This blanket isn’t just warm; it’s a fantastic gift idea for birthdays, Father’s Day, and Christmas. 

You can grab the pattern for only $4.99, and boom – warmth and style bundled into a unique blanket.

Buy the Pattern Here

16- Crochet BBQ Apron

Crochet BBQ Apron
Crochet BBQ Apron

Crochet a sizzling gift for the true BBQ enthusiasts out there! 

What’s better than gifting this awesome apron to someone who lives and breathes BBQ?

The pattern includes adorable mustard and ketchup appliqués. 

This beginner-friendly pattern is up for grabs at just $5. 

So, if you’re looking to spice up someone’s BBQ game or simply want to add a touch of handmade flair to their grilling adventures, this pattern’s your secret ingredient. 

Buy the Pattern Here

17-  Crochet Checkers Set

crochet checkers set
crochet checkers set

Next on the list is this amazing Crochet Checkers Set – the ultimate game night gift! 

The set will not only be fun to make but will make him go wow with its uniqueness. It will be perfect for those game-loving evenings when all you want is to sit in front of the fireplace and play checkers all night.  

The pattern is available for just $5.50. 

Bring a dash of handmade joy to the game nights or surprise a fellow gamer with this amazing checkers set. 

Let the crochet games begin!

Buy the Pattern Here

18- Crochet Tool Set

crochet tool set
crochet tool set

Aiming to craft something extra special for the DIY enthusiast?

This set is your toolbox of love.

This set includes patterns for a hammer, screwdriver, and pliers. 

All you need is a 3.5mm crochet hook and some skeins of yarn, and you are good to go.

If you are an amigurumi fan, you will love working on this ultimate gift for that handyman in the family. 

The pattern is available for free! 

Grab the Free Pattern Here

19- Crochet Golf Club Covers

crochet golf club covers
crochet golf club covers

Worried about making something for a golfer?

Crochet this swingin’ treat for golf enthusiasts! 

With a size I crochet hook and using single crochet and front/back post double crochet stitches, you can create these cozy covers for golf clubs.

The golf-loving friend will truly appreciate your effort as these covers will keep their clubs snug and stylish. 

Get the Free Pattern Here

20- Crochet Cabled Golf Cap

crochet cabled golf cap
crochet cabled golf cap

After the golf club covers comes the Crochet Cabled Golf Cap – a swingin’ accessory! 

You can gift this cap as a stand-alone item or pair it with the golf club covers to add to the collection of any golf enthusiast. 

The cap is worked up using a 6mm crochet hook and is sized to fit a 23-inch head perfectly. 

Talk about a versatile gift! 

Whether it’s a birthday, holiday, or just because, this cap is a hole-in-one choice for any golfer. 

Get the Free Pattern Here

21- Crochet Steering Wheel Cover

crochet steering wheel cover
crochet steering wheel cover

This Crochet Steering Wheel Cover will be a cozy treat for chilly fingers!

Whether it’s for your husband, dad or brother, they will surely love this thoughtful gift. 

Grab your 3.75mm crochet hook and craft something snug to show love. 

Worked up using single and double crochet stitches, this cover will be a warm haven for the steering wheel of their favorite vehicle. 

They will thank you during those frosty drives! 

Free Pattern Can be Found Here

And if you’re looking for more ideas for crochet items for car enthusiasts, check out our article with 16 Free Car Accessories Crochet Patterns

Did You Like These Crochet Gift Ideas for Men?

Handmade gifts have a unique magic. They carry a piece of your heart within every stitch. 

So crochet one of these gifts for men in your life, and let your imagination weave warmth and smiles into every masterpiece. 

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