7 Viking Knit Hat Patterns

by Ashley // updated on: December 16, 2019

We present to you an all-new era of knitted patterns, and you make out a Viking hat preferable for babies. Adults too can have them for a unique look. Boys may have Viking hats with two outward horns, and for girls, you can simply add golden braids or braids made with colorful threads. Knitting these is swift and easy enough, and the yarns used are also quite affordable. These Viking hats can be great fun and look charming on little heads. Crocheted patterns may also be used in Viking hats. These serve best as baby shower gifts or costume parties. Halloweens can be too much fun by putting on these Viking horned hats.

Viking Helmet Hat Knitting Pattern 

Viking hats look super cute for toddlers and small children so you must make your baby one for his or her soft tiny head.

Viking Helmet Hat Knitting Pattern

Keep your tiny ones warm and happy besides looking adorable in this cute knitted Viking hat.

Free Viking Hat Knitting Pattern

Viking fans would love to have these. So ladies make one for your husband and a little one for your angel. The father-son duo looks so incredibly cute!

Viking Hat Knitting Pattern

Here is one for your baby girl- a crocheted Viking hat with woolen horns is the best gift for the cutie pies.

Viking Helmet Hat Knitting Pattern

Woolly Viking hats with horns above the ears and attached hanging golden braids look incredibly adorable on gorgeous baby girls.

Bearded Viking Helmet Hat Knitting Pattern 

You can knit a more advanced pattern through the Viking beard hat. They help more to keep warm and give a cozy feeling.

Bearded Viking Helmet Hat Knitting Pattern

This perfectly complements one, and it feels great to wear them in winters for warmth. Viking helmet hats are cute knit garments with two small horns

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