Macrame DIY Ideas For Your Next Project

by Jesse Luginbuhl // updated on: February 23, 2023

Knotting the cord with different methods results in a beautiful pattern. The beautiful pieces enhance home décors such as wall hangings and other accessories. The popular DIY macramé projects are the perfect hobby to take up.

Macrame Chandelier

This macramé chandelier adds a soothing atmosphere and the pattern play on the walls according to the sun.

Macrame Coasters

Handmade macramé coasters are made with a cotton cord that is perfect for coffee tables, patios, and offices.

Macrame Curtain

The boho style curtain is simple yet combines easily in any decorative style. It is perfect for decorating living rooms.

Macrame Dreamer

A unique and beautiful macramé dream catcher is handcrafted perfectly. This wall art is one of the kinds.

Macrame Earrings

Macrame earrings are perfect and look cool with every outfit. Try this lovely handmade accessory for a complete look.

Macrame Feathers

The simple and elegant macramé wall hanging is the meticulously handcrafted and perfect way to enjoy a boho look at home.

Macrame Garden Chair

Sit and relax in this comfortable garden chair. The pattern is easy and results in elegant accessories for your home garden.

Macrame Hexnut Bracelet

The hex nut bracelet is a perfect handmade gift. It is simple yet so fashionable.

Macrame Key Chains

The macramé keychain is perfect for holding keys and they will not lose in your purse. You can clip it anywhere.

Macrame Laptop Mat

The stylish macramé laptop adds protection while adding a boho flair to the office look. It is made with a cotton look and slips easily in any backpack.

Macrame Table Runner

This table runner perfectly displays in the living room, bedroom, or any workspace. It will add some texture to the walls.

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