18 Easter Table Runner Quilt Patterns

by Kari // updated on: March 2, 2024

With spring fast approaching, that means Easter will be here before you know it. With such a big holiday comes lots of preparation. To help with that prep, why not think about crafting your own table runner? They’re fun and functional, plus making one yourself is quite inventive. If you need inspiration, look no further than any one of these 18 Easter table runner quilt patterns. Keep reading below to see all of the options!

Easter Egg Table Runner

Patterned eggs and colorful borders spice up what was once a basic white table runner.

Easter Bunny Table Runner

Thick quilt fabric and an intricate Easter bunny bring this table runner to life.

Bunny Table Runner

A cheerful white bunny, complete with a cute carrot makes this table runner the perfect addition to your Easter setup. The pattern is no longer available but you can use this picture to cut your own similar design!

Bunny head Easter Quilt Tutorial

We love how modern this table runner looks with the stylized bunny heads! You can find the full tutorial here.

Do you have some extra fabric laying around? Then this Bunny Table Runner made from scraps might be exactly what you’re looking for!

This table runner is easy to make as it comes with a full video tutorial! Check it out.

Easter Egg Shaped Table Runner

Who says a table runner has to be a traditional long, rectangle-like shape? Try out this funky egg shaped one for Easter instead!

Colorful Easter Egg Table Runner

Now this Easter egg shaped table runner is brought to life with vibrant shades of fuchsia, marigold, cerulean, burnt orange, and moss. Gorgeous, isn’t it? You could even imagine having this as placemats instead of a table runner!

3D Easter Bunny Table Runner

Make your table pop this Easter with a plush 3D bunny. The link isn’t for a pattern but for the actual table runner however you can use this as inspiration for yours!

Happy Easter Table Runner

In case you’re short on time to make a full quilt, stitch ‘Happy Easter’ along this taupe tapestry; add on some adorable bunnies, and you’ve got quite the masterpiece for your table.

This table runner is really an eyecatcher. A mix of spring green fabrics and the cutest black and white gingham give this table runner a little country charm with modern style. We love it!

Chocolate Easter Bunny Table Runner

A chocolate Easter bunny gets a girly pick me up with pink accents in this table runner design.

Carrot Table Runner Tutorial

We’ve seen the egg shaped table toppers, why not make a carrot shaped one for the Easter bunny?
Check out the video tutorial.

Spring Easter Table Runner

Bunnies aren’t the only thing reminiscent of Easter. Pastels and fun prints make this table runner stand out. It’s a basic rectangular quilt but that doesn’t make it any less beautiful on your Easter table.

This quilt stands out because of the use of colors that make it very spring inspired!

Multi-Patterned Easter Table Runner

This juxtaposition of Easter themed designs surprisingly works well when anchored with bold colors. Use this for your inspiration.

Pastel Easter Egg Table Runner

Lighter colors add a delicate touch to this Easter egg table runner. Use one of the easter egg patterns above and then get inspired by the colors of this one.

This one isn’t a table runner… yet! But you can easily imagine making it larger to fit your table runner!

Now that you’ve seen all 18 Easter table runner quilt patterns, hopefully one of them strikes you as perfect for your next Easter get together.

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