Cute Easter Bunny Knitting Patterns

by Kari // updated on: March 2, 2024

Spring is finally here, and with a new season comes the promise of new celebrations and joyous occasions. One such special day is Easter, and what better way to enjoy Easter than with an Easter Bunny! The Easter Bunny has long been a symbol of Easter, and crafting one for you or someone you know can be a lovely gesture. Give any one of these cute Easter Bunny knitting patterns a try, and you’ll create something wonderful.

Polka Dotted Dressed Easter Bunny

This gray bunny features a pair of striped pink tights, matching shoes, and of course, a pretty pink polka-dot dress.

Wild Rabbit Easter Bunny

Who says the Easter Bunny has to look a certain way? Go back to a bunny in its true form with this “wilder” pattern. You could make this with Easter in mind but let’s be honest, it would look good in your house any time of the year!

Striped Sweater Easter Bunny

This cute bunny wears a striped sweater, but you can certainly craft it in any spring attire for Easter. And the pattern also includes a mini bear which can be a super cute gift!

Easter Bunny Group

Down to the knitted baskets full of candy, these adorable bunnies show the importance of coming together on Easter. What more could you ask for?

Boy & Girl Easter Bunny Duo

Knit either one (or both!) of these bunnies up for the little boy or girl in your life. They will enjoy the cute expressions, not to mention adorable outfits!

This bunny is soooo adorable and the knitting pattern is available for free!

Easter Bunny Candy Cover

Now this is a genius idea: cover a creme egg with a knitted Easter Bunny cozy. Functional and fun!

I absolutely LOVE this balloon bunny. It’s fun, it’s modern, it’s perfect for Easter AND the knitting pattern is available for free! Go ahead and give it a try.

A bit of nostalgia is not a bad thing… If as a child you loved Peter Rabbit, now is the time to knit one for Easter!

Cute Bunnies Knitting Pattern

Here’s another free knitting pattern for you to try! These bunnies are simple in shape which makes them a perfect quick Easter project.

This Easter bunny is the perfect project for a beginner. It’s made from a simple square! This could also be a great project for kids who are learning to knit.

Easter Bunny in a Basket

This Easter themed bunny comes with their own basket, and do you see that nice bow? The perfect finishing touch!

This Easter bunny is the absolute cutest sitting in an actual Easter egg! On top of that, the knitting pattern is available for free!

Heart On Their Sleeve Easter Bunny

A vivid blue striped sweater, not to mention precise attention to other aspects of the outfit, and face of the bunny makes this creation remarkable.

Now that you have all seen all Easter Bunny knitting patterns, maybe one has inspired you to craft one for yourself, or for someone you know. The holiday will be here before you know it, so now is the perfect time to get started.

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