23 Awesome Face Mask Design Ideas for Free

by Brandie // updated on: May 22, 2020

Have you been browsing online looking at different face mask design ideas? Instead of browsing, try your hand at making one with these fun designs and patterns. With these designs, you’ll certainly be turning heads, and of course, helping prevent the spread of germs.


Get this Mask on Etsy

Cloth masks are the hottest trend among face masks right now. If you have one sitting at home, consider embellishing it with some bling. Creating a floral-like design makes this mask look more modern.


chanel face mask design ideas
Get this Mask on Etsy

Have a favorite designer brand that is currently designing masks that are out of your price range? Have no fear! If you have a favorite item piece from that brand you do not use anymore, make a DIY face mask as a way to recycle the old items.


Digital Download for this Design

If designer brands are not your thing, try out a fan favorite: Darth Vader. Not only will you look stylish, but you will be the ultimate winner of all face mask designs.


Superhero Themed Masks

Themed face masks are always a favorite, but can also be a little expensive. Don’t let the price of a face mask hinder you from creating one that you will enjoy using all the time. Marvel and Disney character-themed face masks are a definite go-to, especially for kids.


If you miss the days of being able to smile at your favorite employees at the store, then this design is for you. This face mask will not only bring a smile to an employee’s face, but it is also a great reminder to remain positive during this pandemic.


face mask design ideas

Simplicity comes in many styles and shapes of masks. If simple is what you are aiming for, using a vintage look like this, with ornamenting flowers and infinity symbols, decorated around a brown covering, will definitely suit your taste.


This mask is a great reminder to daydream about your next vacation. Whether it’s on the water or somewhere along the beach, like in Hawaii.


During these quarantine times, there is no better place to find inspiration than from the comfort of your own home. Embrace your inner cat with this adorable face mask. This would make for a great Halloween costume too.


face mask design ideas apples for teacher

If you are a teacher, or know one, this would be a great design to use as a way to show appreciation. Classes may be online now, but with this mask on, there is no fooling around.


face mask design ideas for kids

Even children can get in on the fun of designing their own face masks. They can create many different types of designs. Go ahead and help them design something that they like, like a quote or even a favorite animal.


face mask design ideas music

A musical notes design is perfect for the music junkie at heart, or the one that enjoys performing. This design is appropriate for both adults and kids.


Floral designs are always fun to make. If you want extra protections, there are ways to insert breathable valves to make the face mask more user friendly.

Dog Face Mask Design Ideas


face mask design ideas dogs

If you or someone you know is a huge dog lover, they will more than likely design more than one of these. Or maybe you will.


hairdress face mask design ideas

Calling all hairstylists, this mask is for you! If you are just starting to reopen shop, or considering it, be sure to stock up on designs like this one to help create a safer experience for both you and your clients.


If you don’t have a horse mask or one that covers your entire face, consider designing your face mask with a copy of the bottom half of your favorite character from a film or TV show. These also make great Halloween costumes.


dinosaur face mask design ideas

There’s at least one kid in every household that loves dinosaurs. If you have a prehistoric fan in your household, he or she will love this design.


If you enjoy vintage photos of any sort, then this mask might be for you. Inspired by the Victorian era, this mask will dress up any vintage outfit to make it appear more elegant.


Outshine the rest. This sequined look is a nice solid color with some extra shine. Bedazzle the crowds at the supermarket or when out taking a walk.


Whether you make a mask to represent yourself in some type of way, representing the three major pillars for this pandemic will make the ultimate design for those, especially as a support for those that are working the front lines.


face mask design ideas and shapes

Stepping away from designs for a moment, patterns are another way to make a mask yours. Using an intricate design such as this makes the face mask look priceless.


It’s okay to want to add a little bit of fun and humor to your mask. This flower in between the teeth design will bring the world together for a laugh and to forget about the pandemic for a moment.


No matter the design, you can never go wrong with polka dots. Whether they are multi-colored or they’re one single color, polka dots on a solid color make for a simple, nice design.


Last but not least, this design will help remind us all to be mindful and still show love, but to also sanitize often.

As a way to combat this pandemic and come together collectively, we all can do so as artists, thinkers, and doers during this time when we all lean on each other through difficult times, but this time at a distance. These face mask design ideas will help you keep your unique nature and put the gift of art in your hands.

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