9 Boutique Hair Bows

by Jesse Luginbuhl // updated on: February 23, 2023

With the combination of two or more colors, you can create a fabulous boutique hair bows. The bows are perfect for church, school, holidays, uniforms, and every other situation you can imagine. They are so easy to make that you can also involve kids in this project. The artistically tied layers of ribbon are stacked to perfection and perfect for toddlers and
babies. All you need is simple supplies available at your home to make hair bows. The handmade boutique hair bows are the ideal gift for your dear ones.

How to Make a Boutique Hair Bow Step by Step?

Follow the instructions given in the video and make a beautiful boutique hair bow in no time.

Stacked Boutique Hair Bow Tutorial

The tutorial will give you the understanding to make a stacked boutique hair bow.

Cute Boutique Hair Bow

The super cute boutique hair bow is made by lovely preppy ribbon placed layers upon layers. It is attached securely to a french barrette.

Twisted Boutique Hair Bow Instructions

Follow the instructions for making a twisting boutique hair bow.

Free Boutique Hair Bow Tutorial

Step by step instructions allow you to make the beautiful boutique hair bow.

Adorable Baby Girl’s Boutique Hair Bow

The bow is made from superior quality and long-lasting grosgrain ribbon. The ends are carefully sealed to prevent wear out.

Intricate Twisted Boutique Hair Bow

The boutique hair bow comes with a beautiful combination of dark and light colors. Pick the supplies for sewing and some hair clips to complete this project.

Easy Instructions for a Boutique Hair Bow

The easy instructions allow you to make the boutique hair bow at home.

Princess Boutique Hair Bow

This colorful bow is suitable for a princess inspired outfit. Make this one for your lovely daughter, and she will love it for sure.

Fun Easter Hair Bow

The beautiful hair bow is an appropriate addition to the Easter attire. It is made from fabric with a polka dot design that features colorful Easter.

Vivid 4th of July Boutique Hair Bow

The theme inspires the lovely hair bow, and the hair clips grip it properly, so the hair bow remains at its place.

Big, Red Boutique Hair Bow for Girls

The pretty bow is perfect for Christmas. Your girl will love the bright red colored hair bow.

Fab Boutique Style Hair Bow Tutorial

The step by step details in the tutorial will help you to make the beautiful hair bow in no time.

Boutique Hair Bow DIY

Pick any combination of colors to make this adorable bow. Select the ribbons of different sizes, a mini mouse to decorate the center, hot glue gun, and a clip.


Unique Boutique Hair Bow for your Valentine

The hair bow is perfect to wear on Valentine’s Day. The heart inspired red and gold hair bow is suitable for celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Christmas Boutique Hair Bow

The bow is handcrafted nicely. You can prepare many of them and gift them to your loved ones this Christmas.

Steps for Making a Pink Boutique Hair Bow

Follow the steps and make the beautiful hair bow easily.

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